Because BAS has its roots in ambulance care, it is almost obvious that BAS also offers services during events, more specifically medical and paramedical support.

For these services, BAS offers a variety of fully equipped Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance vehicles. For Event support, BAS also has access to and includes the expertise of their Medical Manager Ambulance care (MMA). For projects, our MMA consults on a medical level with GHOR, to detemine the desired level of our support.

In case you do not have all the required know-how (and you don’t have to), it is important that you partner with a quality, well organized provider. This is especially crucial in the occurance of crisis situations.

An ISO certificate is essential for all our services. This certification is not a guarantee in itself but does provide insight into the motivation and organization for providing the required level of quality and continuity of responsible care.