GP Transportation is subject to the Passenger Transportion Act 2000 (Wet Personenvervoer 2000) and can only be provided when the organization has a taxi license and vehicles with the Dutch mandatory blue license plates. By complying with all statutory regulations, BAS operates under the required taxi license.

BAS has its roots in patient care and we know better than anyone that the transportation of doctors has more affinity with the healthcare industry than with the taxi industry. For that reason, BAS drivers have a taxipermit, extensive driving experience and training in the field of  life saving emergencies, CPR and AED.

Drivers are selected on their affinity with the care industry. Combined with experience and additional training shows us that the BAS driver excellent at assisting physicians during their visit.
The combination of ambulance care and physician transportation is a logical one for BAS.

Key words like cost control and effectiveness are core values for BAS.