BAS contributes to the availibilty of many Regional Ambulance Services (RAV) by making ambulances available on an incidental or project basis.

This type of service is mainly contracted by RAVs for ordered patient transport, both for a single, interregional B-type transportation or on a project basis. At peak moments, unfavorable times of interregional transport and other availibility challenges, BAS provides capacity by providing ordered transport for RAVs. On a contract basis, it is possible to reserve an ambulance for an extended period of time in which our commitment is guaranteed for any RAV.

This service can be provided with different levels of service. RAVs can request ambulances for BLS type transprotation as well as on the Advanced Life Support (ALS) level.

The BLS level includes an assistant with extensive experience in ordered ambulance transportation, a nurse at a minimum of nursing level 4 and has received special training ambulance care transportation.

The crew of an ambulance at ALS level are always SOSA qualified emergency workers. BAS always offers these services with fully equipped ALS ambulance vehicles.

With efficiency, reliability and cost control in mind, BAS is an excellent partner for the Regional Ambulance Service organization.