BAS is a growing company that has developed into a reliable, ISO certified ambulance service for repatriations, ordered ambulance transportation, medical support at events, General Physician transportation, psychiatric transportion, care taxis and taxis for horizontal transportation of patients.

BAS operates under licenses for international transport by ambulance and operating taxis. BAS also is a member of OMAR (Overlegorgaan Medische Adviseurs Repatrieringsorganisaties or Consultative Medical Advisors for Repatriation Organizations). OMAR is a nationwide consultation group, connected with the various emergency centers and medical transportation companies abroad.

Besides all the necessary permits and expertise in ambulance transportation, BAS also employs their full time Medical Manager Ambulance Care (MMA).
You will see our ambulances and taxis at (all European) international airports for the transportion of patients to their homes or hospitals throughout Europe to repatriate tourists.

You can also see us in the Netherlands with our ambulances which are used by Regional Ambulance Services (RAV) for ordered ambulance services, most commonly for interregional transportation or ordered transportion within the region when a RAV has insufficient capacity.

All our services are performed with the greatest enthusiasm, care and expertise.

Please contact us for any additional information.